Why true loss of smell, taste a godsend for many Covid patients

Amid the growing Covid-19 scare is light at the end of the tunnel. If you experience true loss of smell and taste along with gastric trouble (read diarrhoea) as Covid-19 symptoms begin to appear, have heart as this generally means a good prognosis and no severe respiratory attack that normally sets in in the second week of the 14-day virus cycle.

Observed worldwide, the phenomenon has now been documented by Indian health experts -- as we enter the 10th month of Covid-19 pandemic -- and according to them, Covid-19 patients who show severe symptoms or end up in the ICU do not generally give a history of true loss of smell or taste.

Those who observe coronavirus-induced loss of smell and taste generally feel an overpowering salty or sweet taste, and water tastes extremely sweet. If they try perfume, the alcohol part dominates the olfactory senses sans any fragrance. And it takes 3-4 weeks for smell or taste or both to come back.

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