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TN BJP to take action against kid's TV show 'belittling' PM Modi

The BJP's Tamil Nadu state president K. Annamalai has said that the BJP has taken cognizance of a kid's satirical show that was aired on a Tamil television channel. The show, according to him, was 'belittling' the image of the Prime Minister and the BJP would take necessary action against the perpetrators.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday evening, Annamalai said that the Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, L. Murugan, has also taken the show seriously and has asked him about it.

The show has two children donning the cap of a king and a minister derisively discussing a fictional country, 'Sindhia' where the unnamed ruler demonetised currency notes thinking of cracking down on the black money menace in the country.

The child actors discussed about the fictional ruler being unwelcome and unpopular in the southern part of the country.

With the BJP ruling only Karnataka among the southern states, there is a general feeling that the show was directly aimed at the Prime Minister and the BJP.

M. Arulmanikcyam, a local BJP leader in Erode told IANS: "The BJP has taken this seriously and the party cannot sit back and relax if in the name of satire our beloved leader is being mocked. Our state president has already communicated with the party national leadership and the Indian government. L. Murugan who was the past president of the state unit of the party has also taken cognizance of the incident."

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