No plan to impose lockdown in Kashmir: Divisional Commissioner Kashmir P K Pole

Divisional Commissioner Kashmir P K Pole while addressing a press conference in Srinagar on Tuesday said that the Covid situation is evolving but it does not warrant imposition of a lockdown in Kashmir as of now.

"I want to clarify that the Covid situation is evolving, right now the administration doesn't think that a lockdown needs to be imposed," he said.

"If the situation gets worse in the future then an appropriate decision would be taken."

"The situation as exists in other states of the country in the wake of the second Covid wave could emerge in J&K as well, we need timely respond to the situation," he said.

He said that at present Kashmir has reported 7,300 positive cases and 1,300 deaths so far.

"The percentage of deaths is 1.47. In total, there were 90,000 Covid positive cases of which 80,000 recovered so far. 28 lakh people were tested of which 20 lakh were done through Rapid Antigen Testing, and remaining through RTPCR."

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