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Khushbu Sundar: My daughters are far more superior than any man

Stating that she took immense pride in her daughters, actress and politician Khushbu Sundar on Monday said that they are "far more superior than any man, intellectually as well as emotionally".

The actress, who took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the occasion of the 'Girl Child Day', wrote, "As we celebrate #girlchildday today, we take immense pride to say we have two daughters. They are far more superior than any man, intellectually as well as emotionally."

"Celebrate your girl child. Welcome her with open arms and heart. Remember she is part of you just as your son."

Union Minister for Women & Child Development Smriti Z. Irani too tweeted about encouraging and empowering girls.

She said, "Educate, Encourage, Empower! Today is the day to renew our commitment towards providing equal opportunities to our girls. On National Girl Child Day, as we celebrate accomplishments of our daughters, we pledge to bridge the gender divide to build an inclusive & equal society."

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