Kelly Brook launches beer brand

Actress Kelly Brook is launching her brand of beer. The brand will be launched under the name Kelly Ann Parsons, her birth name.

Kelly, who plans to sell different types of beer and non alcoholic drinks, also has a gin bar and a coffee shop at her place.

"I've really enjoyed making my home space versatile for my working day and it's really helped to keep me feeling energised and happy. You don't need a lot of room, but creating different designated areas for activities, whether it's making a coffee or having a stretch, is a nice way to make use of all your space. I've created different areas in my home dedicated to things I like to do, like a reading corner, a yoga space, a little coffee shop and a gin bar. When I feel organised in my living space it's a total game changer and I've loved presenting my radio show overlooking my garden," she said, according to

In fact, Kelly is a pro in the kitchen, too, and she baked a lot during the lockdown.

"We love to bake. Since we've been able to get hold of flour, we've been baking up a storm. Who doesn't love cake? I love cooking healthy, low-calorie meals and I've been experimenting and batch cooking soups and meals for the freezer, which I never usually have time to do," she said.

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