Kannada actor and Bigg Boss contestant Jayashree Ramiah found dead in Bengaluru

Kannada actor of Bigg Boss fame, Jayashree Ramaiah was found dead at an old age home in Bengaluru on Monday morning. The actor was residing at the Sandhya Kirana, an old age home, located in Janapriya Township where her body was found on Monday morning. Reports indicate that she died by suicide.
According to reports, Jayashree had depression. In July last year, Jayashree had written in a Facebook post, “I quit. Goodbye to this fg world and depression." Soon after she posted the message on Facebook, she deleted the post. She also wrote, "I'm alright and safe!! Love you all.”

Jayashree's close friend Shilpa, who spoke to the local media, said that she had isolated herself from her family and friends over the last few months and had stopped responding to their calls and messages. Jayashree was a contestant in Bigg Boss (Kannada) season 3. 

Following the Facebook post, actor Kiccha Sudeep had reached out to Jayashree and sought to help her. In a Facebook live, following the incident, she had said, “I am not doing all of these things for publicity’s sake. I am not expecting financial help from Sudeep sir. I am only expecting my death as I am unable to battle depression. I am financially strong but I am depressed,” she had said according to reports.

After deleting the Facebook live video, the actor had posted, “Thanks a lot Sudeep sir for your care and you saved me along with your team members and my loving friends and fans. Love you all! Sorry for making you guys panic. I am back to form.” 

Jayashree was slated to act in the Sandalwood film Olledallappo. However, the film did not hit the theatres. 

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