'Bigg Boss Telugu 5' nominations: Priyanka dumps Kajal, who stood up for her

After Anchor Ravi's elimination from 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5', the housemates are still in a shock, as it was least expected that Ravi would get out of the show even before reaching the top five list.

On the other hand, the nominations went on, in the same way as always - a few clashes, a couple of arguments, and disagreements.

As Shanmukh is the captain, he is saved from the nominations this week. Sunny gets immunity, as he is not in the nominations for the weekend. While Shanmukh and Siri give similar reasons for their nominations, they blame Kajal for Priyanka's mistake.

During one of the recent tasks, Priyanka had pleaded with Shanmukh to save her for the next round, as he was the one who could decide. She even went further and said, "If you save me, I would be grateful to you. My whole trans community will be happy to see me going further by winning the captaincy task", Priyanka said.

Kajal, who was supporting Priyanka all along, repeating the word 'trans community'. But, during Monday's nominations, Priyanka denied bringing the word 'community' into the scene. And, in reverse, nominated Kajal quoting that she was the one who brought up the word.

This sudden flip by Priyanka has irked her own community, as per the reports. "Her game is understandable. But, when she herself brought up that point, she would simply agree. This kind of flips only makes us feel that she is disowning her own community people", one of the internet users wrote.

On the other hand, Kajal's fans are quite upset about Priyanka's nomination. "Kajal stood up for Priyanka. But, she quoted the same reason to nominate her. People are watching all her deeds", Kajal's supporter wrote.

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