Fortnite Mobile Codes WARNING: Epic Games iOS release news

FORTNITE MOBILE Codes have been released to those fans who have signed up to the iOS pilot program, with Epic Games releasing a new warning about sharing them.

Fortnite update - When is season 3 finishing? When will the season 4 Battle Pass launch?

FORTNITE has exploded in popularity ever since the free Battle Royale mode launched. But when does season 3 finish and when does season 4 of the Battle Pass start?

Fortnite DOWN: Waiting in queue error hits as matchmaking disabled amid server issues

FORTNITE is down with players getting a waiting in queue error message as matchmaking was disabled today. Here is the latest server status.

Star Wars 8: Real reason WHY Luke was killed - Guess which director tried to STOP it?

STAR WARS fans are still furious that Luke was killed off but it is still unclear why. Even more shocking is the revelation of how another director nearly changed everything.

Veronica on Netflix – The cast and the real family's HORRIFYING true story

VERONICA on Netflix is terrifying but the real story that inspired it is even worse.

Avengers Infinity War directors explain WHERE Hawkeye is - Do fans CARE? Top comments

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR directors the Russo brothers have finally explained where Hawkeye is after he was omitted from the latest trailer, poster image and poster credits – but do fans even care?

Fortnite DOWN - Matchmaking disabled as server connection issues hit after Mobile launch

FORTNITE is down with Epic Games disabling matchmaking after server connection issues hit following a huge influx of new Fortnite Mobile players.

Veronica on Netflix: Young star DISTURBED the filmmakers 'She FREAKED me out'

VERONICA young star Sandra Escacena had a shocking effect on the filmmakers revealed by director Paco Plaza.

Avengers Infinity War Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage CONFIRMED: King of the DWARVES?

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR new trailer has arrived and the new poster also confirms Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage. Is he really playing Eitri, King of the Dwarves?

Kingdom Come Deliverance update 1.3 is LIVE on PS4, Xbox One: Lockpicking, quests fixed

KINGDOM Come Deliverance developer Warhorse is already working on update 1.4, after finally fixing lockpicking and pickpocketing.

Michael McIntyre 'put me in HOSPITAL' – Fan horror during show 'It was scary'

A MICHAEL MCINTYRE show ended with one fan in hospital and it's all the comedian's fault.

Macbeth review: Overly contrived with a jumble of regional accents

BIRNAM Wood is composed of tattered plastic bin liners and mop-headed poles. Dunsinane Castle is reduced to a concrete bunker. Banquo’s ghost lurches like a refugee from The Walking Dead.

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em theatre review: Silly, endearing and you will laugh out loud

Michael Crawford made his name as hapless manchild Frank Spencer in the 1970s TV sitcom and it takes a brave man to replicate his wide-eyed innocence and elaborate Buster Keaton stunts.

Summer and Smoke review: Inventive, illuminating and intoxicating southern heat

SOMETIMES great plays lie dormant waiting for the right talents to awaken them. And for one of Tennessee Williams’s lesser-known plays this is that moment. The configuration of director, cast and designer is harmoniously aligned to create theatrical magic.

Swan Lake: St Petersburg Ballet brings Russian spectacular to London stage this summer

ST PETERSBURG BALLET THEATRE will bring their acclaimed Swan Lake to London’s Coliseum in August. Tickets go on sale this Friday. Full booking details here.

A Spoonful of Sherman UK TOUR: Songs from Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and more

NEW musical A Spoonful of Sherman announces a major UK TOUR and features incredible songs by the Disney composers behind Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Jungle Book, Bedknobs & Broomsticks and more.

The Best Man review: Richly detailed, perfectly paced and splendidly cast

GORE Vidal had politics in his blood. He was the grandson of the blind senator TP Gore, whom he once collected from the floor of the Senate wearing nothing but swimming trunks, prompting the Vice President to object: “This boy is nekkid!”.

Tango After Dark review: A show that makes the evening feel it is actually going somewhere

IF YOU are still free of the Tango bug you have just one more week to get down to London and surrender.

A Midsummer Night's Dream review: The ENO brings out the beauty of Britten's score

ROBERT CARSEN’S production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream casts a potent spell from the first eerie notes that conjure up a supernatural world.

From The House Of The Dead review: Royal Opera House

LEOS Janacek’s last opera poses a bit of a dilemma. He is one of the truly great composers of the 20th century, and the music for this piece is brilliantly powerful, but the plot is a real problem.