Fudging facts is an issue of ethics and ethics is the basis of governance, said experts, adding that CXO misconduct at any level makes for bad business practice.
Based on the recommendations of the committee, the PMO will take a call on whether to suspend one of these exercises or to publish both sets of data while keeping in mind the overlap between the two.
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While it is important to know what to say in an interview, equally essential is to know the statements that can be the ultimate deal-breakers.
Candidates who’s age is between 17-23 years and have passed 10th Class and 12th Class or B.Sc can apply. The last date to apply is June 20, 2018.
TV Mohandas Pai claimed that the country already has ten crore people in the 21-35 age-group with bad skills who are unsuited for the economy.
Muthoot Fincorp Limited today announced its partnership with NSDC to train over 10,000 youth over the next three years and make them job ready.
Speaking on the partnership Mr.Manish Kumar, MD &CEO, NSDC said, "NSDC endeavours to work closely with leading institutions like NUS to identify the future of skills and develop the required competencies in India.
It will be replaced by a new simplified teacher evaluation grading system with research score added for Universities to improve research output.
Sector wise, auto and ancillary have been hiring at a steady pace, showing 31 per cent year-on-year growth in May 2018. Recruitment activity for construction saw a rise of 21 per cent.
Another reason for increased assessment adoption was the cost that companies were paying for every bad hire, online talent measurement solution provider Mettl said in its report.
Narendra Modi’s government is counting on high levels of economic growth to deliver jobs before the country heads for elections in 2019.
The sentiment of desiring a shorter commute was the highest in India amongst 11 countries globally, according to a professional networking firm LinkedIn.
The Haryana government has raised the upper age limit of entry into government service from 40 to 42 years, an official spokesperson said.
The increased pace of highway construction has more than doubled employment generation in the past four years, according to an estimate by the road transport ministry.