Monster aims to list more than 1,000 job opportunities for the talent in the first 12 months in India, Middle-East and South East Asia.
Nearly 54 per cent of the companies surveyed said that compensation is likely to stay the same while 39 per cent said compensation is likely to grow this year.
V Suresh, chief sales officer of Naukri at Info Edge, expects the IT sector to come back to the job market in the second quarter of the year.
Among job intensive sectors, production and manufacturing (up 59%) has been one of the most active industry sectors with 11% increase in e-recruitment between January and February.
The Naukri JobSpeak Index for February this year stood at 2,087, up by 6 per cent compared with February 2017, indicating a rise in online hiring activity.
Foreigners will now need to have acceptable qualifications and be paid at least 3,600 Singapore dollars per month (Rs 1.6 lakh approximately).
The average cost to company (CTC) across the three courses was Rs 10.6 lakh per year with the highest CTC on offer being Rs 23.8 lakh per year.
Modi's renewed push has paved the way for his long-awaited industrial relations legislation to be introduced to India’s parliament by April 6.
Mazumdar-Shaw pointed out how startup founders in India, who are data scientists, functioned very differently from their counterparts in the US.
The survey, conducted among over 4,600 employers across India in various industries, noted that although hiring pace will slow, few staff reductions are expected.
Would an application that would otherwise have been selected by such a system be binned because it attempted to use invisible ink? A raised eyebrow?
The survey could dispel concerns of job creation, as employer confidence remains resilient and job seekers are expected to benefit from a positive second-quarter hiring sentiment.
Railway ministry had issued a notification for around 63,000 jobs in D category that includes gangman, and another notification for hiring 26,500 persons.
1.36 lakh jobs were created across eight sectors, which account for 81% of the country’s total organised workforce, in the July-September quarter of 2017.
Criticism often hurts, but taking it personally can be very harmful indeed. It is important to understand that constructive criticism is part and parcel of work, said Singhal.