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75 parties to run in Kyrgyzstan parliamentary polls

A total of 75 political parties will participate in the parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan, which will be held on November 28, the country's Central Election Commission (CEC) announced.

The CEC said that the submitting notifications by political parties to run in the elections ended on September 3 at 6 p.m. (local time), reports Xinhua news agency.

In total, the CEC received notifications from 75 political parties, which should provide the CEC with lists of candidates for deputies by October 13.

According to the new Constitution of Kyrgyzstan, which was adopted in the referendum on April 11, Parliament will consist of 90 deputies and is elected for a five-year term.

Elections of deputies will be held according to a mixed electoral system.

According to the amendments introduced on September 3 to the constitutional law on elections for the president and parliamentary deputies, the parliamentary elections will be held by using a mixed electoral system.

Fifty-four deputies will be elected according to the proportional system in single electoral constituencies, while 36 deputies are to be elected from single-mandate constituencies on a majority basis.

Before the amendments, Parliament of Kyrgyzstan consisted of 120 deputies elected for a five-year term, according to party lists.

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